Chicago, IL… Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide, impacting one community more so than others. State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) has filed House Resolution 969 to declare March 12, 2016 as "Red Sari Day" for South Asian Cardiovascular Disease Awareness and recognize the work being done by the South Asian Cardiovascular Center at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital.

The risk for heart disease is four times higher in South Asians. Due to a variety of factors including genetics and lifestyle, South Asians have the highest CVD mortality rates and are prone to developing CVD at a younger age, often before the age of 40 in men. The South Asian Cardiovascular Center at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital is the first of its kind in the Midwest designed to serve the South Asian community and inspire change and provide options to live a heart healthy lifestyle.

“The high risk of heart attacks and stroke is often unknown and overlooked in this community,” Rep McAuliffe said. “The efforts at Advocate Lutheran to educate, screen, prevent, and treat South Asians for their high risk of cardiac disease are exemplary.” 

On Saturday night Rep. McAuliffe attended ‘A Red Sari Evening’, a benefit hosted by Advocate Health Care. The event was put on to raise awareness of the South Asian heart disease epidemic and the partnerships that will explore solutions and save lives.

State Representative McAuliffe hosted the first meeting of the year for his 'Women's Circle' on Thursday night. Rep. McAuliffe gave an update on the atmosphere in Springfield, listened to their opinions on current legislation, and fielded questions from the group.  
This afternoon HB557, which would create an elected board for the Chicago Public School system, passed the Illinois House of Representatives on a 110-4 vote. 

Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) supported the measure and was encouraged to see its passage: 

"Today the Illinois House voted to expand the Democratic process in Cook County by opening up the Chicago Public School Board to elections. I was proud to be the first Republican Co-Sponsor on a bipartisan effort to help fix the broken CPS system. This bill isn't perfect, but it is evidence of what improvements we can make when the legislature works together towards a common goal." 

To read more or follow the bill movement click here.
To the Editor,
        Last week I held a press conference with several other legislators on the increasingly distressing topic of O’Hare generated noise and nuisances. We formed the bipartisan legislative O’Hare impact committee spring of 2015 in collaboration with suburban O’Hare commission acknowledging the detrimental effect noise generated from the airport was having on our neighborhoods. As a rare issue that unites both Chicagoans and Suburbanites, we have been fighting with the city and the FAA for years.

Last week, several of my colleagues and I introduced a legislative package aimed at providing relief for the millions of residents negatively impacted by O’Hare noise. Components of these bills urge the Chicago Department of Aviation to include noise relief as part of the negotiations in any talks regarding O’Hare expansion. We are seeking to prioritize the health and well-being of our neighbors who have witnessed a decline in the quality of living for their families.

These series of proposals include:

HJR 128 - Urging Chicago Airport officials to use latest technology to measure noise and compliance of airlines to Fly Quiet protocols. Also, urges the consideration of Fly Quiet compliance in the allocation of departure gates and support facilities. Calls for a measurable improvement in Fly Quiet compliance by January 1, 2017.

HR 960 - Calling upon the Federal Aviation Administration to assist the City of Chicago in the implementation of the provisions of SB636 and to use new CNEL data to promptly redraw contour maps as new airport noise data is submitted. (Senator Murphy will be introducing the Senate version.)

HB 5917 - Creating an income tax credit for the purchase of soundproofing materials for eligible homeowners.

HB 5040 - Requiring the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to conduct a study on the environmental and human health impact of runways and air traffic at O’Hare Airport.

HR 1023 - Urging the Chicago Department of Aviation to adopt the Suburban O’Hare Commission Recommendations for Fly Quiet enhancements. (Senator Murphy will be introducing the Senate version.)

I am happy to sponsor these bills and will continue to call upon my fellow legislators to work in collaboration to ensure that residents who have been affected by the noise are compensated in some manner.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact my office at 773-444-0611 or