Park Ridge, IL … State Representative Michael McAuliffe will host a free Kids’ Health and Safety Expo on Saturday, June 13th at Maine Park in Park Ridge. The Expo will host a variety of government and local organizations which will provide information for area families on making healthy and safe decisions.
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The event will feature several live demonstrations including Taekwondo, the Traveling World of Reptile Show and Kids Zumbatomic. Also on display will be local utility, emergency and public works vehicles for children to explore.

“The Kids’ Health and Safety Expo is an excellent opportunity for parents to have some fun with their children while also learning together about health and safety,” explained McAuliffe. “We held our first event last year and it was a huge success. Many local families were able to obtain some valuable information from some fantastic state and local agencies and organizations. I hope to see many of my constituents take advantage of this free Expo.”

Details for Representative McAuliffe’s Kids’ Health and Safety Expo are below.

Maine Park
2701 W. Sibley Ave.
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Saturday, June 13th
9:00am – 12:00pm

Speaking from personal experiences, State Representative Michael McAuliffe calls for the passage of legislation that will provide greater access for Hepatitis C screenings. Nearly 75% of the at-risk group, those born between the years of 1945 and 1965, are unaware that they have the virus.
Springfield, IL … In an effort to continue to bring the “Silent Epidemic” into the forefront, State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) advanced legislation out of the House that would provide individuals born between the years of 1945 and 1965 with the opportunity to be tested for Hepatitis C. The measure would require physicians to offer the screening to patients who are part of the at-risk group.

“Nearly seventy-five percent of those living with Hepatitis C are unaware that they are infected with the virus. Those unknowingly infected has reached such a staggering amount because of the lack of awareness in both patients and the medical community,” explained Rep. McAuliffe. “The major at-risk group, our Baby Boomers, have not had appropriate access to screening opportunities which could have life-saving implications.”

The provisions of the measure originate from recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and apply only to the specified age cohort. Patients who are members of the at-risk group are not required to be tested for Hepatitis C, however they must be offered the opportunity to be screened by their physician. Hepatitis C screening can be completed via a routine blood or finger-prick test. The measure would sunset in 2020 giving those at-risk groups ample time to receive proper testing.

“This is a simple bill that has a large impact in bringing medical attention to an at-risk group living unknowingly with a potentially fatal virus,” continued McAuliffe. “There is no fiscal impact as these screenings are already covered by Health and Family Services and giving our Baby Boomers an opportunity to have a better grasp on their health just makes common sense.”

In passing both bodies of the General Assembly, the legislation now will be sent to the Governor to await his signature.
Springfield, IL … The House unanimously approved legislation, chief-sponsored by State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago), expanding healthcare coverage for breast cancer screenings. In order to provide greater access to proper healthcare and screenings, the legislation extends the definition of low-dose mammography to include bread tomosynthesis. The radiological procedure provides cross-section 3D images of the breast used for breast cancer screening and is also referred to as 3D Mammography.

“Breast cancer while very serious, can be manageable and fade in remission if detected early with proper screening technologies. Breast tomosynthesis is a crucial tool used by medical professionals and can provide valuable information in determining a patient’s health status,” explained McAuliffe. “Ensuring that these life-saving screenings are covered in healthcare plans was a priority and I am happy to see that my colleagues have agreed.”

State Representative McAuliffe played a crucial role last year in raising awareness on the new breast cancer screenings, such as 3D Mammography and their impact in detecting breast cancer quicker. Last year, McAuliffe toured an area hospital and had the opportunity to see a 3D Mammography machine. He had the unique chance to get instruction from some of the leading healthcare professionals on the machine and the benefits of the screening procedure.

The legislation further states that healthcare plans will only cover breast tomosynthesis should the procedure not be considered a mandate under the Affordable Care Act. Since the legislation was amended in the House, the bill will revert back to the Senate for concurrence.
Springfield, IL … Yesterday some of the first steps were officially taken at the Illinois Capitol to help bring relief to residents affected by noise pollution being generated by O’Hare Airport. Communities surrounding the airport have fallen victim to a drastic increase in noise generated by low-flying aircraft due to the realignment of runways in 2013. The legislation, known as Senate Bill 636, permits O’Hare Airport to increase the number of operational runways from eight to ten. In doing so, this allows for the operation of all four diagonal runways to run simultaneously which are the airstrips that produce the least amount of noise over surrounding neighborhoods.

State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago), a chief co-sponsor of the bill, was encouraged to see the measure advance:

“For far too long, residents in my district have had to adjust their lives to cope with the deafening noise of low-flying aircraft over their homes. I have spoken with many families who cannot sit in their back yards anymore or open their windows to let a breeze in on a nice day. They essentially could not enjoy their home without a constant rattling of their windows and doors. Increasing the amount of operational runways at O’Hare is one way in which the General Assembly can help alleviate the noise and encourage the airport to operate the diagonal runways.”

The bill also makes changes to bring current electronic noise monitoring systems surrounding the airport, including an updated noise contour map showing the noise being generated by the aircraft as they depart and arrive over the surrounding areas. The results of the updated monitoring will help lead towards better soundproofing in homes within those contour maps.

“Those of us who represent communities surrounding the O’Hare Airport were able to work together towards a common goal,” explained McAuliffe. “We can go back to our districts to let our constituents know that, while progress seems to be moving slowly, there has been advancement made and we will continue to find creative ways to bring noise relief to our constituents.”

Since Senate Bill 636 was amended in the House, the measure will return to the Senate where it be will reheard with the respective amendment.
Today, three members of the Chicago Fire Department were awarded with the Illinois Medal of Valor which recognizes firefighters and paramedics for their acts of heroism and courage in times of danger.

Paramedic-in-Charge Timothy Rottman, Paramedic-in-Charge Christopher Soda, and Fire Paramedic Tomasz Oszkinis were in Springfield this morning to attend the Fallen Firefighters Memorial and also be presented with the Medal of Valor. State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) presented these brave men with a special recognition certificate from the Illinois House of Representatives honoring them for their heroics.

National Nurses Week Extends from May 6th - May 12th. During this week nurses are celebrated for their hard work and superb level of care provided to patients. 

The event which is being co-sponsored by State Representative McAuliffe will be held at the Salvation Army at the corner of Foster & Cumberland Avenues. Bring confidential documents, banking information or any documents needed to be shredded. 

Tuesday, May 5th is "National Teacher Day" in which teachers will be recognized for their hard work educating the future of America. Many schools will be celebrating "Teachers Appreciation Week" which will extend from Monday, May 4th trough Friday, May 5th.

Chicago, IL … Today State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) joined area elected officials to address the swelling concerns being generated by the drastic increase to noise pollution affecting the City of Chicago and suburbs surrounding O’Hare International Airport. At a press conference held at the Cook County Building, Senate Bills 636 and 637 (SB 636 & SB 637) were held in the spotlight. These partner bills would work in tandem to ensure that the diagonal runways are not decommissioned and would then increase the allotment of active runways from eight to ten. Both of these measures are in response to the O’Hare Modernization Program that would eliminate the diagonal runways which, when in use, generate the least amount of noise during departures and arrivals. 

McAuliffe, who is the House sponsor on both pieces of legislation, has been working steadfastly since last summer to advocate on behalf of his constituents affected by the noise and air pollution produced by the realignment of these runways:

“Since 2013, there has been a growing number of airplanes flying over the communities surrounding the airport. Many of these residents were kept in the dark as to the plans of the O’Hare Modernization Program and the realignment of runways,” explained Rep. McAuliffe. “I am confident that Senate Bills 636 and 637 are two big steps in the right direction. Through a collaborative effort, we can work towards a solution that helps alleviate the noise for area residents but also allow the airport to continue to operate as an economic engine for Chicagoland.”

Both SB 636 and SB 637 passed the Senate on April 16th and are now in the House Transportation Committee. If advanced from committee, there will be a full vote by the House of Representatives.