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Springfield, IL … This afternoon, the Illinois House of Representatives took a step toward providing property owners with a much needed break on the township portion of their property tax bills. The legislation, introduced as House Bill 178, would create a Township Property Tax Extension Freeze for the 2015 tax levy and would suspend a township’s portion of the local property tax from any increase. State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago), a vocal advocate for the taxpayers of Illinois, voted in favor of the freeze.

“Year-after-year, homeowners have had the unfortunate experience of paying high property taxes even though they continue to have stagnant home values,” explained Rep. McAuliffe. “Locally, I am in constant contact with constituents who bring their tax bills to my office looking for help. As a property owner myself, I can relate to a lot of their questions and concerns.”

The Township Property Tax Extension Freeze would only apply to townships with a population of less than 100,000 and which lie within a county subject to the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL).

“While not all encompassing, this legislation is a good start in addressing property taxes that have at times become unmanageable,” said McAuliffe. “Now, more than ever, it is important that the General Assembly look for ways to help ease the financial burden that these taxes have become. I hope to see our legislative body continue to be an advocate for the local taxpayer and be proactive in providing relief to struggling families.”

House Bill 178, which passed the House on a 75-37 vote, now advances to the Senate for consideration.

Beginning next Wednesday, April 29th, residents of Edison Park and neighboring communities will have the opportunity to visit a series of weekly Farmers Markets.

The Farmers Markets, which will continue on the last Wednesday evening of every month, will feature fresh produce, an assortment of prepared foods, flowers/plants and other family-friendly entertainment.

Location: 6730 N. Olmsted (Metra Parking Lot)
When: Last Wednesday evening of every month, 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Veteran Lawmaker Sees More Work Ahead for Productive Group

Springfield, IL … State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) is looking to keep the important work of the Illinois Hepatital C Task Force rolling by extending the groups charter as set by the Illinois General Assembly as established in May of 2013.

“Many times, task forces here in Springfield just don’t take off or gain any traction,” said McAuliffe. “In this case, the interest and productivity of this group has exceeded all expectations. We met consistently and produced a number of solid legislative recommendations which is why I feel it’s important to keep it going.”

The group, which first met in February of 2014, has met consistently on a bi-monthly basis and has produced a multitude legislative initiatives aimed at curbing the growing issue of Hepatitis C in our veteran and senior communities. The group has also hosted Hepatitis C Day at the State Capitol which provides informational displays and brings leading medical experts and free screenings to our State’s capitol.

“Hepatitis C has been known as the ‘silent epidemic’ because of the lack of awareness of prevention and treatment for those infected with the virus,” explained Rep. McAuliffe. “After being personally touched with family and friends who have been tragically affected by the disease, I felt it was important to bring Hepatitis C into the forefront.”

“I am encouraged by the unanimous support from my colleagues in allowing the Task Force to continue. We’ve accomplished quite a bit in its first year, but there is always more work to do,” added McAuliffe.

The Hepatitis C Task Force was originally set to expire January 1, 2016. Once approved by the Senate, this date will advance to January 1, 2017. McAuliffe hopes to remain the chair of the group.
Springfield, IL … Yesterday afternoon on a unanimous vote, State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) moved legislation out of the House of Representatives that would serve as an added protection to Illinois veterans, active military personnel and members of the military reserves seeking employment.

“We took a step today to continue to implement programs focused on protecting the civil rights of the men and women of our armed forces,” said Rep. McAuliffe. “Many veterans and current members of the United States Military are not fully aware of the laws already in place that protect them as they try to obtain employment during their transition to civilian life and also while serving on reserve and active duty.”

Specifically, the law would require the Illinois Department of Veteran’s Affairs to consult with the Human Rights Commission in informing all members of the U.S. Armed Forces that it would be unlawful for any potential employer to not hire them, regardless of their military status. The bill further states that any prospective employer who refuses to hire a job candidate based off of their military status could be subject to civil penalties in accordance with the Illinois Human Rights Act.

“While many veterans and current members of the US Armed Forces are able to seek and find employment outside of the military, there are many frequent instances where they are unlawfully discriminated against,” stated McAuliffe. “I am proud to see this legislation pass unanimously out of the House chambers and am happy to see our legislative body continue to protect the rights of the members of our military.”

The legislation, known as House Bill 3748, will now advance to the Illinois Senate where it will await consideration.

State Representative Michael McAuliffe attends the wreath dedication ceremony honoring the death of President Abraham Lincoln.

House Republican Caucus after the wreath dedication ceremony recognizing the 150th year anniversary of the death of President Lincoln.

This afternoon, the Illinois House of Representatives voted on an emergency budget to fund a $1.6 billion shortfall in Fiscal Year 2015. The bill, which passed with 69 votes will give Governor Rauner the flexibility needed to fund the unbalanced budget by reallocating funds to meet certain obligations such as childcare assistance for low-income families and services for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled.

“Today we took a step in the right direction in voting to fund our state budget which is over a billion dollars out of balance. Unless immediate action was taken, the State of Illinois would be unable to fund certain programs aimed at providing services for our most vulnerable citizens and would further jeopardize school funding in future budgets,” explained State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago), who voted in favor of the emergency budget. “In granting emergency budget authority to the Governor we took a responsible, bi-partisan approach to one of the worst budget crises in recent memory.”

While this legislation addressed concerns over the Fiscal Year 2015 State Budget, the General Assembly will hear budget bills for Fiscal Year 2016 over the next several weeks.