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Today, House Republican Leader Jim Durkin announced the Leadership Team for the 100th General Assembly. Among those named was State Representative Michael McAuliffe, whose districts includes parts of the northwest side of the City of Chicago as well as the neighboring suburbs.

In naming Rep. McAuliffe as Assistant Minority Leader, Durkin commended McAuliffe’s dedication and resolve in working for not only the people of his district, but also for the good of all of Illinoisans:

“I have worked with Representative McAuliffe for many years and he has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his constituents and a willingness to collaborate with other legislators to better the lives of Illinois families. Rep. McAuliffe will be an asset to the House Republican Leadership Team,” said Durkin.

Rep. McAuliffe was first elected as state representative in 1996 and will be serving his first term as a member of House Leadership during this 100th General Assembly.

“I am flattered and honored to be named Assistant Minority Leader,” said McAuliffe. “I thank Leader Durkin for his confidence in me and am grateful at the opportunity to serve as a lead voice in our caucus as we work to move Illinois forward.”

Through his years of service Rep. McAuliffe has garnered attention for his legislation aimed to help senior citizens, public safety officers and veterans and to raise awareness of certain public health initiatives. Rep. McAuliffe lives in Chicago and is married with two children.

Happy New Year!
The new year is now upon us and I hope that you were able to share in the joys and warmth of the holidays with your loved ones. Most of us are very fortunate in that we are home for the holidays, however many of those in the armed forces and our first responders are called away from their families to serve and protect; I ask you to keep them in your thoughts as the year moves on.

New Year Brings New Laws
As with each new year, 2017 brings in many new laws; many of which will affect you. I hope that you take a moment to read through this list of some of the more notable laws that became effective January 1st. In total, there are 191 new laws. Here are the 26 laws that you should know about:

Social media right to privacy
Public Act 99-610, House Bill 4999
Amends the Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act to make it illegal for an employer or prospective employer to request or require an employee or applicant to access a personal online account (such as Facebook) in the presence of the employer. It is also illegal to request or require that an employee or applicant invite the employer to join a group affiliated with any personal online account of the employee, or applicant, or join an online account established by the employer.

Employee Sick Leave Act
Public Act 99-841, House Bill 6162
Under the new law, employees may now use personal sick leave benefits for purposes dealing with a child, spouse, sibling, parent, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandchild, grandparent or step parent. The employee can use such time as may be necessary on the same terms that employee would use the time for their own illness or injury.

Traffic stop education 
Public Act 99-720, House Bill 6131
Students taking drivers education courses will now be educated on safe procedures to follow during a traffic stop by law enforcement. The lesson will include such tips as remaining calm and keeping one’s hands in view at all times and will also educate drivers on their rights when in the presence of law enforcement.

To see the complete list, click here.

Looking Forward
The 100th General Assembly will be sworn in on January 11th and I look forward to continuing to serve as your state representative and voice in Springfield. I am hopeful that we can work together this spring to find common ground in moving this state forward for the better of all Illinoisans.

Happy New Year and thank you for you continue trust and confidence.

Illinois drivers will soon be able to replace their current license plates with a new design, unveiled by Secretary of State Jesse White. The plate, which will feature images of Abraham Lincoln as well as a collage of Chicago and Springfield skylines, is intended to be an improvement upon the less reflective plates currently in use.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the current license plates have a tendency to rust and lose the ability to reflect light over time. The new proposed plates will be longer lasting and provide a fresh, updated design.

Free of charge to motorists, the Secretary of State's office will begin rolling out the new plates this upcoming January and Illinois vehicle owners will be notified when a new plate is available to them. The gradual process will begin with vehicles featuring plates manufactured in the year 2000 and will continue to newer plates. If you would like to read more, visit the Secretary of State's website here.