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State Representative Michael P. McAuliffe welcomed Robert Okazaki and his team from Avenues to Independence, in Park Ridge, to the Capitol. Avenues to Independence is an organization dedicated to providing homes, jobs and community living programs for adults with developmental disabilities. 

State Representative Michael P. McAuliffe introduced House Resolution 184, which was adopted unanimously by the House of Representatives. The Resolution encourages State of Illinois elected officials and those who are elected to represent state universities to play the state song at official events. The state song, entitled “Illinois”, was adopted as the official song in 1925.

(Pictured: State Representative McAuliffe, along with colleague Representative Bryant, pose with 20th District resident and inspiration behind HR 184, Stan Banash.)

May 8th through May 12th is Teacher Appreciation Week! Be sure to thank a teacher for all their hard work!


O'HARE — Starting Sunday, residents all over the Northwest Side will spend a week hearing hundreds of flights whoosh over their heads — followed by seven days of quiet.
That on-again-off-again pattern defines the second round of the city's Fly Quiet Runway Rotation test, a three-month program that aims to spread the burden of overnight jet noise equally among neighborhoods and suburbs surrounding O'Hare Airport.
Unlike last year's rotation program, which ran continuously for six months from July to December, the test approved last month begins Sunday and ends on July 22. The full schedule is posted online.
The program will likely "dovetail" into a third test, drawn up to exclude a runway that's marked for closure in 2018, according to Aaron Frame, a deputy commissioner for the city's Department of Aviation.
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