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As thousands of Illinoisans prepare for an onslaught of window-rattling noise brought on by new runway patterns at O’Hare International Airport, State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) is supporting a bill that would provide income tax credits for those who choose to purchase noise mitigating windows, doors and other soundproofing items.

This week McAuliffe signed on as a Chief Co-Sponsor of HB 4273, a measure that would help cover the costs associated with the purchase of materials to help soundproof homes in the path of the new runway configuration. “These families will endure the noise of jet aircraft flying less than a mile over their homes as planes take off and land at O’Hare,” said McAuliffe. “While federal grants are in place to assist homeowners in other areas near the airport, the FAA has decided not to provide relief to those impacted by the new runway patterns. It’s unacceptable.”

HB 4273 creates an income tax credit for taxpayers impacted by aircraft noise who purchase and install soundproofing materials in their homes. According to the provisions of the bill, the credit could equal the cost of qualified materials and services, and would be available for up to five years after soundproofing expenses were incurred.

“These people are facing a significant decrease in their quality of life due to a decision that was not of their making,” McAuliffe said. “Soundproofing materials are expensive, and since these families do not qualify for federal grants, I believe the State has a responsibility to step in and help provide some relief.”

The new runway configuration at O’Hare will take effect in October of this year, and FAA officials estimate the patterns will be in place for at least the next six years.
Illinois women will now have improved access to life-saving 3-D mammography because of a bill signed into law this week by Governor Bruce Rauner.

SB 54, now known as PA 99-0407, expands healthcare coverage for breast cancer screenings by adding the use of “breast tomosynthesis,” or 3-D breast screening technology, to the procedures that must be covered by health insurance plans. The improved technology provides for cross-section 3-D images of breast tissue that can more accurately detect early stage breast cancer.

“Early detection is the key to the best prognosis for those diagnosed with breast cancer, and this enhanced imaging technology will save lives,” said State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago), the Chief House Sponsor of the bill. “Ensuring that this 3-D technology is covered by insurance will allow more women to be properly diagnosed early so they can begin a treatment plan sooner.”

According to the provisions of the new law, healthcare plans will only cover breast tomosynthesis if the technology is not considered as a mandate under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The law took effect immediately upon being signed by the Governor.
Governor Bruce Rauner on Thursday signed into law a bill that will help bring relief to thousands of Illinoisans who are enduring excessive noise pollution generated by low-flying planes near O’Hare Airport.

SB636, now Public Act 99-0202, permits O’Hare Airport to increase the number of operational runways from eight to ten, which will provide for the use of four diagonal runways that produce less noise over surrounding communities. “When O’Hare realigned their runways in 2013, homeowners who were previously only minimally affected suddenly had to deal with rattling windows and extremely excessive noise any time a plane flew overhead,” said State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago), a Chief Co-Sponsor of the bill in the House of Representatives. “This new law allows for the use of six parallel and four diagonal runways at the same time. The use of the diagonal runways produces significantly less noise pollution over nearby neighborhoods.”

In addition to allowing for an increase in the number of operational runways, the new law also seeks a more effective method for measuring loud airplane noise at night. “This measurement tool, the Community Equivalent Noise Level (CENL), allows for the calculation of sound levels utilizing a weighted numeric scale that takes into account loud noise in the evenings and overnight, and the frequency of aircraft activity over people’s homes” McAuliffe said. “It should allow more families to qualify for federal financial assistance for soundproofing improvements at their homes.”

McAuliffe applauded the bipartisan work that led to the creation of PA 99-0202. “This is a quality-of-life issue for those living near O’Hare International Airport, and lawmakers were able to come together and advance a legislative remedy that should provide a lot of people with some real relief,” said McAuliffe. “The signing of this new law is not a full solution to the O’Hare noise issue, but it is certainly a very positive step that will mitigate some of the problems these people are experiencing.”
Springfield, IL … Today at noon, the Governor signed a much-needed, bipartisan measure to extend employment protections for individuals employed in Illinois but who are members of the National Guard of another state. Prior to today’s action, the term “military service” in state law applied strictly to Federal service or any duties conducted in Illinois under the direct orders of the President. House Bill 3721, now law, strengthens the re-employment protections for individuals who reside in another state but who hold a job within Illinois upon the completion of active duty service in the National Guard of their home state.

State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago), a Chief Co-Sponsor was present at the bill signing and was happy to witness these strengthened employment protections enacted into law:

“I was proud to be a part of this afternoon’s signing of House Bill 3721. State law now protects the jobs of Illinois workers who are called to service by the National Guard of another state,” said McAuliffe. “No service member should fear whether their job will still be there for them when they return home from active duty. I continue to be encouraged by Illinois’ commitment to ensuring that members of every branch of military service have equal access to employment.”

McAuliffe is the current Republican Spokesperson for the House Veteran’s Committee and advocate for military personnel.
State Representative Michael McAuliffe would like to remind everyone that as temperatures approach 90 and 100 degrees, it is important to stay cool to avoid heat related illnesses. Even more so, he emphasizes the importance of checking-in with the elderly during these hot days to ensure that they are remaining cool and not suffering from the extensive heat.

Should you, a friend or loved need a place to seek relief from the scorching temperatures, please visit a local cooling center. There are 124 locations state-wide and are open from 8:30am - 5pm. To find the nearest cooling center location to your home, please click HERE.
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Chicago, IL …State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-Chicago) invites residents from the communities surrounding O’Hare International Airport to have their voices heard at one of four upcoming public meetings about proposed new runways and noise concerns in the areas near the airport.

The meetings, which the FAA describe as having a workshop and open house atmosphere, will provide residents with a chance to speak directly with aviation officials in order to receive direct answers to their questions and concerns about future runway plans.

McAuliffe is satisfied to have open meetings scheduled by officials of the FAA. “Residents of my district have had, for far too long, the increasingly unpleasant experience of living with the unacceptable loud noise created by the realignment of runways at O’Hare. The noise, which has exponentially increased in the past few years, is something that has affected the daily lives of my constituents,” explained McAuliffe. “I am hopeful about the outcome of these open house meetings, as residents living near the airport will at last be given the chance to speak directly with FAA officials. The location of two of the public meetings will be very convenient for residents of the 20th District, as the first meeting will be held at White Eagle Banquets followed by a second meeting at Taft High School the following day.”