McAuliffe's Message: New noise monitors coming soon to communities near O'Hare

Two weeks after the launch of the McAuliffe O'Hare Noise Initiative, momentum to bring O'Hare noise relief continues to build. 

Last week, the City of Chicago announced preliminary efforts to determine whether a widened circle of property owners are eligible for soundproofing through the installation of eight new permanent airport noise monitors in Chicago neighborhoods and suburban communities located near the airport. The evidence collected by the monitors will help city, state, and federal officials better understand the impact caused by aircraft takeoffs and landings near the airport. The project will be funded through approved airport funds and will not use local taxpayer dollars. While specific locations of the noise monitors have not yet been selected, City officials say the monitors will be installed as soon as possible.
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World Hepatitis Day: McAuliffe Encourages Hepatitis C Screenings

CHICAGO—On World Hepatitis Day, State Representative Michael McAuliffe (R- Chicago), chairman of the Illinois Hepatitis C Task Force, and members of the Hepatitis C Task Force would like to remind Illinoisans of the importance of being screened for Hepatitis C. The disease can be spread a variety of ways, but public health authorities say the most common occurrence of exposure is through blood transfusions received before 1992, when widespread screening of donations began, and also sharing needles; the highest rate of hepatitis C is found in Vietnam-era Veterans.

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McAuliffe’s Message Announces O’Hare Noise Initiative


Since new runway patterns took effect at O’Hare Airport, I’ve heard from many of my constituents and neighbors who are now bearing the brunt of loud and disruptive noise. To make matters worse, families in affected communities weren’t given fair warning or provided with the opportunity to have their grievances taken into consideration before the changes were made.

After listening carefully to the concerns of my constituents, I have developed a three-point O’Hare Noise Initiative that outlines my blueprint to provide relief for residents affected by the flight paths. This plan is designed to balance the economic vitality of the airport while fully addressing residents’ health, safety, and economic concerns.

The McAuliffe O’Hare Noise Initiative

  1. Order local federal hearings so residents of the 20th District can express their opinions regarding the true impact of how increased air traffic has diminished their quality of life and environment.
  2. Initiate a comprehensive noise and environmental impact study to accurately show the consequences caused by new traffic patterns at O’Hare.
  3. Deliver prompt noise relief to families through the swift expansion of sound insulation programs.

If you support the McAuliffe O’Hare Noise Initiative, you can sign this online petition and join me in the fight to bring relief to residents of the 20th District and surrounding communities who are affected by O’Hare noise.

I strongly encourage all residents and local businesses to sign the online petition and take the extra step of sharing it with a friend or neighbor. Together we can make a difference and have our voices heard.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at or contact my office at (773) 444-0611. Thank you for the honor of serving you in the Illinois House of Representatives.


Michael P. McAuliffe

State Representative

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